Artist Lou Shenyi
Oriental Vision / 10.2013

[Interview] Lou Shenyi: It’s Better Than Good If You Get Rid of It Don’t Take It Serious.
Xiaoyu Xiong / Arton Art / 08.2014

Touch the Boundary of Painting
Inner Gall Fu Jingyan Solo Exhibition and Western Qi Lou Shenyi Solo Exhibition
Gang Fei / Arton Art / 06. 2015

Lou Shenyi Dialogue with Wen Ling in the Name of “Any Door”
Zhe Wang / Hiart / 08.2015

A Thinker of Illusions
Dujuan Zhou / Art Liker / 11.2015

The Solo Exhibition of Lou Shenyi Xiang de Mei In 798 Art Zone
798 Art / 02.2017

Weekly Review: The Power of Young
Space Art / 02.2017